40 Days of Love: Communication isn’t easy – Day#15

10 Jan

40daysMost people think communication is simple. It does not matter whether it’s in government circles, corporate or even individuals – you will notice how some communication goofs are made. Most of us rush to condemn these people and wonder how they could goof this much.

However communication is no easy game and more so in the context of a relationship, your words are critically interrogated and even your body language compared to see if there is a disconnect. Most relationships are defined by how the communication is handled.  A wrong word out of your mouth and the relationship can be headed to the rocks.

Words are powerful. Words can exhort or even bring down any relationship. For some they communicate their feelings by raising their voices and give you lecture hours on end how good for nothing you have been, while others will give you a silent treatment – a nil by mouth kind of treatment.

Understanding the weight of your words and their sensitivity to different individuals can help improve communication. For example if you told your spouse that he or she is fat, they will not take that kindly despite it being the fact. If you told your partner, “You are really overweight. You could easily get a heart attack”, they will really get hurt – even if it’s the truth. Maybe you if you told, “Hi Honey, you really need to do something about your weight. Maybe you can start with a diet change and some physical exercises or a visit to the gym”, they would feel you are genuinely concerned about their well-being.

So choose your words appropriately. Understand the sensitivity of the persons you are communicating with and guard your words accordingly. It’s no easy game, but you can learn one step at a time. It’s a journey which starts with a single step.

Point to ponder: All relationships are fueled by communication.

Verse to remember:  “Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing”, Proverbs 12:18

Question to consider: Who needs to hear me speak words that heal?

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